Pledge your commitment to help those who thirst. Your donation will be applied to our most pressing projects

Pledge Your Commitment to help those who thirst!

Wells of Hope relies on your support to continue its life saving work of bringing clean water, education and medical aid to the mountain communities of Guatemala. Every gift can contribute to making a real impact in the lives of people who are living every day on the edge.

Dedicated to making every dollar count, Wells of Hope keeps administrative costs low through the work of a dedicated team of volunteers who offer their time freely for the cause. Many services are donated which makes it possible for donated funds to be put directly to use in the field.

Wells of Hope is a Charitable Organization with Registration Number 83428 1768 RR0001.

Make an on line gift today using the boxes above, or choose from the many donation options below, including our PLANNED GIVING Program. For further information regarding making a donation of any kind you can contact us (289) 313 7109.