How many hammers does one home need?

How many different screwdrivers? How many kinds of saws?

How many tools are there in your basement workshop that haven’t been used for years, and probably never will be again?

Ted van der Zalm can find a use for them, from the oldest, simplest, smallest hand or power tool to industrial drill presses, table saws or planers.

Van der Zalm has been drilling wells to deliver clean water to the poor of Guatemela for a decade.

But along the way, he and his Wells of Hope volunteers have done so much more.

Construction teams, which include retired Niagara home builders, stay at a permanent camp he has established and build two elementary schools a year.

Doctors and dentists, mostly from Niagara, volunteer their time to offer clinics to those living in remote mountain villages.

His wife Miriam teaches, sewing and hygiene classes.

And if some unfortunate family is found homeless, it’s not unusual for volunteers to pitch in and build a shelter.


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