Our Mission

Wells of Hope……. for those who thirst!  To thirst is to signify that one is lacking an important element that will allow him or her to sustain a certain quality of life.  There is much that we can “thirst” for beyond our need of the vital liquid known as water.  Our less fortunate brothers and sisters thirst for a quality of life that demands access to education, fair wages, affordable medical treatment, affordable housing, employment, and yes, clean, reliable sources of water – and the list goes on!

    It is not only the economically challenged who “thirst”.  Many in our North American communities of plenty thirst to satisfy the need to find meaning in their lives.  The real, sustaining happiness that we seek does not rest in the material wealth that is here today and gone tomorrow.  Our natural desire to be happy will be fulfilled when we are willing to respond to the needs of our sisters and brothers around us. Solidarity With Our Sisters and Brothers

Wells of Hope is an inter-denominational group founded on Christian principles.

We are committed to responding to the cry of the poor and to help them attain for themselves the life-giving necessities of clean water, education, and basic healthcare. We live this commitment through various projects that Wells of Hope has embraced in the mountainous region of Santa Maria, Jalapa, Guatemala.

     The Wells of Hope organization is the bridge between you and discovering where true happiness rests.  Join us! 

To alleviate Needless Suffering