Dental and Medical Support

    Odillia was in need of a hip replacement.  The pain would not allow her to sleep at night or walk during the day.  She needed $3,000 for the operation, but Odillia’s financial situation was similar to most people who make up the communities in the mountains of Santa Maria, Jalapa.  Her children had all grown up and moved away.  Her husband had passed away many years ago.  She barely had enough food to survive on.  So Odillia gave up the only resource that she had.  She sold her three-room adobe dwelling to pay for the operation.  Three months later, the pin that had been placed as a joint to secure her hip snapped.  She was now in even greater pain than before and she had absolutely nothing left to finance another operation.
Dental Clinics
Stories similar to this one are often heard in the mountains of Jalapa.  When in need of medical treatment, most people are able to see a doctor, but they cannot afford the medicine or the cure. 

This lack of finances leaves many Guatemalans in daily pain. 
Dr  Cano at Work
Wells of Hope has become an avenue for many doctors from Southern Ontario to come to Guatemala on a volunteer basis and minister to those who cannot otherwise afford medical attention.  The Wells of Hope team organizes medical clinics in the rural mountain communities and the visiting doctors spend long days relieving the nightmare of pain that many have been forced to endure.
The doctors donate their time, and bring medicine with them. However, there is still a need for funds to pay for operations like those needed by Odillia.  If you would like to provide financial assistance to those needing special medical care, please contact us at