El Roblar School

This school is located in Aldea Paz, Sector III. Children are cared for and educated in this three-room daycare/ kindergarten school while their mothers are free to work during the day. There was no program before the building was constructed. 

The children receive nutritious food, receiving government funding for the teachers and program.  “The children  receive stimulation, nutritious food, teaching basics, and have better health than those who are not in the program.We are helping these children, to have greater health and education.” noted their teacher. There are 30 children in the program which is the maximum allowed by the government.

Challenges in the community include the fact that many of the parents don’t have steady work . Some parents have doubts about the program: namely that the children are apart from their mothers all day.  The school was in very good condition, with two teachers and three full-time volunteers helping. There is an active community council and “cactus” program.  The children appeared very happy, and the teachers  seemed very animated and engaged.