Wells of Hope has successfully drilled deep water wells, against incredible odds, to bring clean, potable water to the front door of tens of thousands who thirst in the mountain regions of Jalapa and Jutiapa

Would you like to initiate your own fundraising project?

Wells of Hope ( is available to help you design an event or project that builds on your strengths and resources.

Wells of Hope can provide posters, social media buzz, or other resources you might need to get your project off the ground. Past events groups have taken on to raise funds for Wells of Hope include pig roasts, school fundraisers (Starvathon), corporate fundraisers like SmileCookie campaign, matching funds in corporations and dinners to name a few. Get creative, and bring us your ideas! We require that any fundraiser on behalf of Wells of Hope gets the approval in the early stages of organizing it. Please contact us at


Emma & Sandy Fundraiser for Wells of Hope Clean Water Projects

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