Festivities were in order this past January as the village of La Tejera inaugurated three new classrooms built by Wells of Hope.   A 45 minute drive from Campo Esperanza  along winding  dirt roads, La Tejera is a  typical mountain village.  Most of the inhabitants rely on small   crops of corn, beans and coffee to sustain their families. This year’s crop was depleted by a severe drought over the summer which  cut the harvest by more than half.  Even with these challenges volunteers cleared the land and  moved water, sand and bricks, as   skilled tradesmen  worked alongside Wells of Hope team members  through November and December to construct  classrooms that will help serve the school of over 300 students.
IMG_3402On inauguration day, school children, parents and village leaders  gathered  under sunny skies. Festivities included a ribbon cutting, folkloric music and dance, and a  banquet.  Wells of Hope Board Member Frank Memme received  a plaque of commendation for his work, along with plaques on behalf of  two other Wells of Hope  project coordinators  Ben Obdeyn and Ed Opdam.  IMG_3403


Frank  went on to  share some words of challenge and  congratulations with the community  encouraging them to be good stewards of the fruit of their labor.  He also  stressed the importance of education, ” with a good  education  you’ll have have new opportunities , and your lives will be better than they are today”.  Following local tradition, Frank was then put to work carving the Chicken!


Special thanks to all our Wells of Hope donors who responded to the direct request made by the Principal of La Tejera School . You have literally made education a reality for thousands of Children in the mountains of Guatemala!