July 26th, 2020.  As published by Ted and Miriam van der Zalm on Wells of Hope facebook page. As the Corona Virus continues to challenge the world to new levels of selflessness, Wells of Hope continues to do what we can to minimize the suffering of the most vulnerable in the mountains of Santa Maria, Jalapa.

Thanks to the generosity of the Wells of Hope family of donors, for more than a month now we have been preparing anywhere from 1,200 to 1,500 warm meals a day to help feed desperate individuals and families. Empowering the community members themselves to serve the most needing within their communities, a rotation of volunteers from each community help to cook the meals and provide numerous other essential services that enables the nutrition center to function. The daily pressures and challenges that accompany such an undertaking can be daunting at times, but we have learned repeatedly that, with enough Love, the seemingly impossible becomes possible.

Along with the immediate need for food, the need for clean, potable water cannot be ignored and continues to call us to action. This week Wells of Hope was able to equip the well in the community of Los Gonzales. The well was drilled this year during the challenging rainy season. The stainless steel, seventy-five gallon per minute pump was lowered 800 feet deep, attached to forty lengths of three-inch galvanized steel pipe. Three phase power is not available in this area so a 45kw, three-phase generator was purchased and installed in the pump room built by the people of Los Gonzales.

Today, Sunday, we can briefly put our feet up and thank God for helping us to meet the immediate need for food and successfully bring clean, potable water to thousands more. Tomorrow……the boots hit the ground again!

Food Aid
Hands of Hope
Water at Los Gonzales
New generator and equipment