June 24th, 2020. Thanks to our generous donors, Ted and Miriam who are still in Jalapa, were able to implement Hands of Hope, a Food Aid Initiative that was launched on June 15th in order to help those in most need due to the Covid19 situation in the Santa María Mountains in Jalapa.  This is a partnership between Wells of Hope, Parroquia Nuestra Señora de la Expectación and the Women’s Office of the Municipality of Jalapa.

We invite you to read the updates from Ted and Miriam:

#1: June 15thWells of Hope Covid-19 Food Initiative

#2: June 21stHands of Hope in Action

#3: July 3rdOvercoming Hurdles

#4: July 21st While Continuing the Initiative

#5: July 26th Meeting Short and Long Term Needs

#6: August 11th Wells of Hope Running Out of Time…

#7: September 1 And then came the Rain!

“They give them warm food and food to prepare at home” is the headline of one of Jalapa’s on line news outlet, showing what Wells of Hope has been doing for the last few weeks through “Hands of Hope” food  initiative.  Every day there are 350 people that are brought in by bus and receive the food for their families.  Watch the short video HERE.