Wells of Hope 18th season was another big success with its always unique challenges. Thanks to our donors and the teams both in Guatemala and Canada our water program is currently benefitting over 91,500 people in the Jalapa and Jutiapa areas of Guatemala.

We continue to refine ways of achieving our goals throughout our main programs of water, education, basic health care and community aid.

In the water program  we have purchased and adapted a pick up truck to do the pump installations and equipping of the wells in-house. Within the education program, we are testing a new method of sponsoring accelerated training courses.  This year a sewing diploma certification that consists of 8 courses and usually takes 2 years to complete was coordinated with INTECAP. Fifteen young women made the commitment and successfully finished the program in 6 months.  This seems to represent the balance of time invested in the acquiring of skills vs. working.

So far we have drilled 32 wells –24 with the “new drilling rig” which is now 11 years old.  We have built a health clinic and added or renovated 28 schools.  We look forward to continue helping tens of thousands of more people in Jalapa and Jutiapa.  Thank you for your continuous support in these trying times– it has made all the difference!

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Washrooms and septic tank at Santa Cruz School