During the week-long initiative of the Smile Cookie Fundraiser, guests who purchased a freshly baked chocolate chunk Smile Cookie for $1 had the full amount donated by the Tim Hortons Restaurant Owners to support the charity of their choice.  Stephanie and William McWilliams chose to support Wells of Hope through their outlets in Fonthill and Turners Corner and wrapped up the fundraiser with a generous donation of $4,321.  These funds have gone directly to contribute to the costs of our school No. 20, which is an elementary school currently under construction at La Laguna village in Palo Verde, Jalapa.  By the start of the new school year in January 2017, the school will have three new classrooms, a new kitchen and three additional washrooms.

A big thank you to the McWilliams and the 4,321 supporters whose contribution is already making a big difference!

Click here to read the Welland Tribune Article.

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Guests and Tim Horton’s Restaurant owners Stephanie and William McWilliams wrapped up annual fundraiser in support of Wells of Hope.