More than 59% of the population in Guatemala have incomes below the national poverty line (Q10,218/year)

"The greatest strength they have is in the unity of the communities coming together in support of their project."

Community Assessment Report

Community Support

It takes time to build and develop communities. In its ten years of work in Guatemala, Wells of Hope has developed trusting relationships that have enabled communities to thrive in small and large ways. Over the years a number of projects have been run to empower women. With the building of the new ‘Clem Centre’ at the entrance gate of Camp Esperanza more members of the community will be served. The centre will provide sewing classes and other adult education programs. It will also be a meeting place where Wells of Hope team members can connect with the community, learning about the challenges they face and how we can work in solidarity to overcome them.

Community is also fostered through mission trip experiences. When serving on projects, mission trip participants are not only encouraged to put in a ‘hard days work’ but also to make a personal connection with the people they encounter. Even without a translator it is amazing to see the connection made between visitors and those who they meet at schools, orphanages, or while travelling through the mountains. In the end, that sense of community is what keeps many Wells of Hope team members coming back to serve year after year.

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