It is inspiring to see our youth get involved in helping those less fortunate than themselves.  Jillian Moore exemplifies the spirit of giving and volunteering both in her community, school and her support for Wells of Hope (WOH). Jillian is a grade 8 student at St. John Bosco School in Port Colborne   and has been actively raising awareness for WOH in her community and school.   Many of you may have met Jillian at our Guatemalan jewellery table during our annual Taste & See or Passion events. It is also possible you met her during Canal Days in Port Colborne or at her school fun fair where she organized her own fundraisers to promote WOH.

Jillian’s passion goes far beyond the fun of jewellery sales as she actively promotes our water and school projects to everyone she meets.  During the past 5 years she has eagerly participated in our Packs of Hope program by collecting donated items and packing the backpacks for shipping.  Most recently she promoted our backpack program to her teacher which has lead her school joining the backpack program. Want to get involved? Leave us a note on our volunteer page, and we’ll keep you up to date with special volunteering opportunities!