I went on a ten day discipleship trip with a group from Southridge Community Church in March 2009. My desire and expectation going was to see, interact with and serve the poor in any way that I could.

What I ended up experiencing was so much more than that. I think God used this time in Guatemala to soften my heart towards the poor and expose me to the needs of the people of Guatemala. The people are so friendly and so hard working, and yet their needs are staggering.

Looking into their eyes, sitting with kids and just holding their hands, it no longer is something I can ignore and go about my comfortable life. These are not just images we see on TV, these are people that God loves. Not only does God use Ted and his family to be a presence months at a time to accomplish projects in Guatemala such as drilling wells to provide clean water to dozens of communities or building schools or homes for those in need, God uses Ted and his family to greatly impact those that get the opportunity to stay at their camp and be around them.

taste and see - 037

Ted gave our group an up close and intensely personal look into the lives of those struggling to provide food for their families, a dry roof over their heads, and a look into the water that is being consumed if there is no well… We saw a girl’s orphanage that house 120 girls that is living on a budget that provides the girls 2 tortillas a day.

That’s it, that’s all they eat. It’s just not right. And having seen and experienced and gotten my hand dirty helping to build one house, God is giving each of us that have had the opportunity to be there continue to do something about it. Go to Guatemala. I dare you!! See what God will do in your heart. And if you can’t go, consider contributing in other ways, donating, fundraising, telling others about it. My challenge to you is to do something. Just don’t do nothing!!




Laurie Warkentin